Here at Billiards For Beginners, you will learn a lot about billiards/pool, so hang around.

I’m going to start out by telling you what it was like for me when I started on my quest to learn how to play pool.

So here we go, I didn’t know anything, but I was ready to do everything that I could to learn the sport.

I looked everywhere to find information that I could understand, but to no avail, really.

I visited many websites, looked at videos, read a lot of books seeking to find information, tips, etc. well I did find a lot of information and tips but I didn’t understand the jargon.

Well! what did I do about that?

I jointed the American Poolplayer Association(APA) pool league, thinking that I would meet the experts and they would help me to understand the jargon and plus how to play pool. Well this is what happened.

I got so much help that it turned out to be one grand mess, talking about being confused.

They all meant well. Are you having the same problems?

If so I am going to provide you with the information that you will need to understand the sport of pool. You will learn the basic fundamentals and much more on this website.

I invite you to share your experiences by filling out the form on this website so that other beginners can learn from our experiences.

Billiards News

I've included the Shawn Putnam v John Schmidt at Super Billiards Expo for your entertainment.

Click on the arrow to see the video. To see more video clips click on the video button on the left side of this page.


billiards accessories
In the section I will be covering the major billiards accessories so that you will know what they are.
billiard articles
Billiard Articles written by Tom Simpson
Online Pool Games
online pool games - practice your pool skills by playing 8 ball and 9 ball online with other opponents
pool accessories, pool cue cases
pool accessories, pool cue cases
The Pool Associations
Pool Associations in the USA are the Women's Professional Billiard, Association (WPBA), The American Pool players Association (APA) and Billiard Congress Of America (BCA)
Pool Tips number one you need to practice
Pool tips learn and practice every pool tip it will help you to become a better player.
pool Instructions for the beginner
I will be covering many pool instructions in this section. I will start with the stance.
Billiards-For-Beginners Blog
Here at Billiards For Beginners, you will learn a lot about billiards so hang around.
billiard videos clips
billiard videos clips from youtube
Additional Billiard-Resources
Additional Billiard resources contains more information, tips and ideas about how to play pool.
billiards and pool glossary of terms
billiards and pool glossary of terms
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