Billiard Videos

Videos are provided by forcefollow on youtube

These billiard videos will show you how to apply many of the techniques I talked about on this website.

Look at these videos to learn how to select a cue, how to grip your cue, how to form your bridge hand, your stroke, and much more.

These videos are very good and you will learn from them.

Cue Selection

How to grip a pool cue

Stroke training

How to Bridge Part 1 of 2

How to Bridge Part 2 of 2

The Tangent Line

How To Break

Landing In Line

Pool Stroke Part 1 of 2

Pool Stroke Part 2 of 2

Aiming Drill

Stop/Stun Action Part 1 of 2

Stop/Stun Action Part 2 of 2

The Basics Of Follow

Follow With Sidespin

Stun Run Through

The Basics Of Draw

English Part 1 of 2

English Part 2 of 2

Cut Shot Aim And English 1 of 2

Cut Shot Aim and English 2 or 2

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