Billiards Accessories

As a beginner in the sport of billiards/pool you may not know about all of the different billiards accessories. I know I didn't when I first started out.

In this section, I will introduce to you the major accessories so that you will know what they are.

Each of the links that follow covers one specific accessory such as:

  • The Cue sticks
  • The Pool balls
  • The Pool table

The Pool Accessories ( Miscellaneous Items)
In this section I will be covering the following items:

  • Pool Cue Cases
  • Pool Cue Cleaner
  • Shaft Sanders and Burnishing Papers
  • Scuffers and Shapers
  • Joint Protectors
  • Break Cue
  • Hand Towel
  • Pool Gloves
  • Pocket Marker

Please click on the links that follow to read the articles.

The Cue Stick

The cue stick is what you will use to strike the cue ball with.

Pool Balls

In a standard set of pool balls they is a total of fifteen Pool balls and one cue ball.

The Pool Table

I will be describing the pool table in the section. I think you will find this subject very interesting.

Miscellaneous Items - I continued the pool accessories on the next page.

The Pool Accessories (Miscellaneous Items)

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