Center Ball

Cue ball


Before you can begin learning and experimenting with the different forms of english, you need a reference point.

At this stage of development in your pool game, it's time to find the center of the cue ball.

And the easiest way is the "tried and true," a simple drill.

Begin by facing the width of the table to keep the shot very short and easy to execute.

This will help you gauge your initial progress.

Place two balls no more than 3 inches apart and 6 inches from the long rail.

You will be shooting the cue ball between the two balls, and, since standard pool balls are 2 inches in diameter, this will be more than enough space for the cue ball to pass through.

Place your cue ball 12 inches from the long rail directly opposite the middle of the two balls.

Give yourself a reference point at which to aim, place a piece of chalk on the opposite long rail closest to the two balls, and halfway between them.

Using a piece of chalk as your target, step into your shot, and aim the ball at the chalk, and shoot.

Be careful and stroke the cue ball directly in the center.

If everything is lined up correctly, and you execute the shot with slow speed, a proper swing, and a smooth follow-through, the cue ball should hit the long rail and bounce back without hitting the two balls.

Ideally, the cue ball will pass between the two balls and directly back into the tip of your cue stick.

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