Cue Ball Control


If you've been taking your lessons in order, you have developed great physical fundamentals, along with learning the principles behind aiming and knowing how your eyes work.

You are well on your way to pocketing plenty of balls! And for millions of players, that often seems to be enough.

In reality, pocket billiards is so much more than that.

The next logical step is getting control of your cue ball.

Start noticing where the cue ball goes after you make a shot.

What you may not have noticed are the countless number of options you have, on each and every shot, to make the cue ball head in a direction that will give you an easier attempt on your next shot.

It have been said that the pros make it look so easy.

It seems as if they never have to shoot a tough shot!

It is no accident it is called position play and you can't achieve it without the necessary knowledge and developed skills in cue ball control.

The fundamentals of cue-ball-control consist of speed control, mastering center ball, and the use of follow, draw, and english.

The combinations of all these elements, and how each of these affects speed control, themselves, are endless.


Chalking the tip of your cue is a simple and vital part of the game of pool that most people take for granted.

Your tip should be chalked before every shot, especially on the draw shot.

Chalk isn't just a decoration; it maintains friction between the cue tip and the cue ball, preventing the cue tip from sliding off, which is called miscueing.

To effectively chalk the tip of your cue, place the chalk on the tip with a feathering motion, making sure the tip is completely covered.

Avoid put too much chalk on your cue.

If you do, chalk will transfer to the cue ball, and this could cause problems if the chalk happens to be transferred to the same spot that the cue ball contacts the object ball.

This will cause a clinging effect, and your object ball will have a tendency to skid or slide.

Develop a good habit in your game by putting chalk on your tip before every shot.

Eventually it will happen automatically without even thinking about it.

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