Pool Accessories

There are plenty of pool accessories out here for pool players.

When you get past the marketing hype and look at the activities of a pool players there are a few pool accessories that you must have as a regular pool player in addition to your cue stick, which I outline below for you.

1. Pool Cue Cases

It seems obvious, but you'd be surprised at how many people don't have a quality pool cue case for their pool cue.

If you're traveling around with your pool cue, you simply must have a quality pool cue case. This is one pool accessory that you must have.

Any case is going to provide protection, but a good hard case or box case is almost always preferable then a soft case.

2. Pool Cue Cleaner

Let's face it, shafts get dirty. The more you play, the dirtier they get.

Every pool player needs something for a quick clean in between racks.

That's why pool players carry around shaft cleaners with them.

Whether it is a quick cleaner like the Q Clean or disposable towels like the Dawg

Wipes by Slip Stic, you need something to give your shaft a quick clean to get rid of grime and stickiness .

3. Shaft Sanders and Burnishing Papers

Cleaners will get most of the tackiness off of your cue, but over time you'll need to do a deep cleaning.

The best way to give your shaft a deep clean is with burnishing papers.

Products like Nick's Edge and Q Smooth come with a variety of grades of micro-grit film depending on the level of cleaning you need.

4. Scuffers and Shapers

Always at the top of any pool player's list are tip scuffers, are absolutely essential for any player.

Everyone has their own favorite brand of scuffer, whether it be the Cue Cube, Tip Pik or just a simple nickel or dime scuffer, but they all do the same thing.

They rough up your tip to maximize chalk retention and as every pool player knows, the better the chalk retention, the less likely you are to miscue.

5. Joint Protectors

You will extend the life of your pool cue, if you invest a few dollars in a set of joint protectors (also known as joint caps).

Joint protectors do exactly what they say they're going to do: protect your pool cue joint and pin from damage.

They keep debris and lint from getting stuck in your threads and keep your cue just a little bit safer.

As an added bonus, they look pretty slick, especially the branded joint caps.

6. Break Cue

One of the first rules of owning your own cue is don't break with it.

Break cues are made for a reason. They have harder tips, stronger ferrules and some even feature reinforced joints.

They're made just for breaking so you don't mushroom and damage your shooting cue.

Even if you don't want to use a break cue, just don't use your shooting cue to break.

7. Hand Towel

It seems silly to mention this because it is such a basic tool, but a hand towel of one sort or another is essential for any pool player.

All that grime, sweat and grease that gets on your hands over the course of an evening at the pool hall belongs on a towel, not on your cue shaft and your linen wrap.

Keep your hands clean and you'll keep your cue clean, giving you a much smoother stroke.

8. Pool Gloves

A pool glove is essential to keep your bridge hand dry when playing pool.

I use one and I am glad that I do. A pool glove save your hand from blisters.

It also helps the pool cue to slide between your bridge fingers easily. You won’t have to use powder on your hands

9. Pocket Marker

8 ball players in a league like the APA, need some sort of pocket marker.

You will use it to show the pocket you are calling to sink the 8 ball in. Not only do they help avoid arguments, but in the case of the APA, its the law.

You can't play 8 ball in the APA without a pocket marker and using a bar coaster is just embarrassing, so get yourself a decent marker and use it regularly.

As I look at all of the pool accessories that are listed I would say that you will need them all.

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