Pool Aiming Techniques Exposed

Pool Aiming Techniques exposed

There are so many different ways of aiming from the ghost ball theory, to measuring your aiming with your own cue, to the use of a variety of aiming practice devices.

I caution you again not to get too caught up in methodology. Pick a system or two) that works easiest for you.

You may find that different aiming techniques work better under different circumstances or shots, so you don't need to limit yourself to just one.

The aiming technique I will share with you involves a form of visualization, the ghost ball.

The Ghost Ball

This is the most common, and usually easiest to comprehend, method of aim training in pool.

To employ the ghost ball method, simply visualize a line through the middle of the object ball to the pocket center.

Then put an imaginary (ghost) cue ball at the spot where the actual cue ball must arrive behind the object ball in order to pocket it.

It won't be long before you will automatically line up correctly without having to consciously visualize the ghost ball.

Your memory takes over, knowing that the cue ball must arrive in that exact spot.

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